Driver Fitness

Mile Zero:
Free Driver Fitness Videos

In these videos, you will learn the basic moves & workouts that will put you on the path to a healthier trucking lifestyle!

Workouts brought to you by: BigRigRoutines & MiniMomFitness!


Complete each move 4x before moving on to the next move:

Warmup: 10 sprint/jog around the truck followed by 50 Jumping Jacks
1. One Leg Squats as many as possible (20 seconds) with right leg then left leg
2. Plank Holds (Top Step for Modified)
3. Calf Raises (Each Leg then Both Legs)
4. Side Planks (Each Side)

Convoy Challenge

Snap a pic of your workout & share it with us on the news feed or @ breakerone9theconvoy on social to earn miles & a chance to win the Member of the Month Prize!

Fitness Programs Coming Soon!

A complete program designed to help drivers at any stage to get healthy & improve their lifestyle!

This program focuses on all the ladies out there who are ready to get healthy & fit!

Fun & Simple Moves

Walking, running, climbing. All moves tailor made for Truck Drivers!

Healthy tracking

The fastest way to reach results is to monitor the progress you make by using our fitness App!

Weight Loss

Programs focused to help you lose weight healthily, happily, & safely!

5 Mile Fitness Program Coming Soon!

Our Fitness Courses are created and tested by certified personal trainers. Each program created features multiple levels of fitness ranging from beginner to advanced. 

The programs featured are accessible anywhere and anytime by downloading the app located on the programs website!