Our Why

We've been in the trucking industry our entire lives. We know life on the road for drivers can be often overlooked in the eye of the general public, and how challenging it is for fleet owners to be successful in today's crazy world.

This is why we started BreakerOne9 with a simple mission to serve drivers and companies as a way to give back to a much deserving profession!

We Are Proud To Be A Company For Drivers!


In late 2019, I was on a run with my Dad during the holiday season and we were discussing gift ideas for our drivers and their families for Christmas. Our discussion led us to try and find gift boxes made just for drivers and their lifestyles but there wasn't anything!

2 weeks later, BreakerOne9 was born. We went to work on building a company totally dedicated to serve drivers everywhere. We wanted to provide an industry first service with our trucker gifting, focused to improve life out on the road & the trucking culture for current and future drivers!

We are proud to serve drivers and the entire trucking industry.

-Dave Shultz Jr.