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Crud Cloth - Shower In A Bag

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Life can get dirty. And sweaty. And smelly. No shower? No water? No problem! Try our instant shower in a bag. Use it anytime you would have killed for a shower or sink, but none were available. 

Ever use an instant ice pack before? If so, you can handle this. Simply Smack!, Squish, Tear, and Scrub. Our patent-pending Crud Cloth is activated by popping the inner soap pod filled with 100% natural ingredients and therapeutic grade essential oils. Tired of wimpy baby wipes? Our rugged 100% cotton terrycloth washcloth (12" x 12") will power through the crud and then some. 

Separating the wet soap pod from the dry washcloth + vacuum sealing keeps Crud Cloth extra fresh and vibrant for when you need it. There are no artificial chemicals, no artificial smelly fragrances, or thin wipes that fall apart or just push the crud around.

When you are done, simply stuff the dirty Crud Cloth back into its reclosable bag so you can store it in your bag or purse to wash it at home. Our cotton washcloths are washable, reusable, and biodegradable.

Crud Cloths don't take up much room and are TSA carry-on friendly (80ml of liquid only). 

Go Get Dirty! 

Please note that we do not recommend using Peppermint Crud Cloths on pets due to concerns about sensitivity some pets have to Peppermint essential oils.

Our Simple Ingredients:

  • Distilled Water, Cleanser (Coco Glucoside*), Peppermint Essential Oil, Potassium Hydroxide

*Made from plants

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