Trucker Badges

First Login Badge

100 Miles

First Login to BreakerOne9 The Convoy

Valued Member Badge

1000 Miles

Reach 5,000 Miles to Unlock this achievement

Member Of The Month Badge

1000 Miles

Text To Play Trucker Trivia!

What is the longest interstate highway in the United States & when was it built?

BONUS* How long is this interstate?

Text your answers in to our Team Convoy line @ +1 314-455-7002 to enter your chance to win our Convoy Challenge

You will earn the Monthly Member Badge, 1000 Miles, & a Free Tough Tested Power Bank!

Must Be A Member of BreakerOne9 The Convoy to Win!

Winner Selected by August 1st!

Good Luck!

Fit Trucker Badge

1000 Miles

Members who are awarded this badge has successfully started their fitness journey with the Convoy Fitness Program!

Founding Member Badge

1000 Miles

For becoming a Founding Member & helping build our Convoy Community, we are awarding you the Highest Level Membership with the most Membership Benefits!

20% store discounts & the lowest existing price on all Freight Crates for as long as you remain a member in good standing.

LongHaul Member Badge

1000 Miles

Earn this badge when you unlock the LongHaul Member Rank @ 10,000 miles!

Rising Member Badge

5000 Miles

Your Midway Badge to reaching the highest level Member Status,